Planning permission granted

The planning committee voted for granting planning permission for a classical bridge in Bristol on the 13 July 2016. The bridge will provide great improvements for pedestrians and cyclists at a busy and dangerous junction and would allow people with physical disabilities for the first time to fully enjoy the Downs.

The bridge will be a wonderful contribution to the area and become an added site of interest along the unique circular walk around the Downs. The bridge will be almost entirely hidden within the valley and natural landscape and offer a new experience of a canopy walk through the woodlands.

This is the first time that a large stone bridge has been approved for construction during the past 100 years. Granting planning permission represents a new era for masonry arch bridge construction in the UK and Europe.

The project will offer opportunities for relearning the art of building masonry bridges, create jobs, provide training opportunities, apprenticeship programmes, create local income generation opportunities and involve arts and heritage. Local community involvement will be an integral part of the construction.

The next task is to finalise the planning conditions with Bristol City Council and set up an independent charity for the construction. Fundraising can only start after that.

The initiative is not only about building a bridge over Bridge Valley Road, but about a much larger vision to leave a legacy in Bristol and be an inspiration for generations to come.

Thank you for all those who have supported the application.



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