Planing application to be resubmitted early 2016

We are currently carrying out further consultation with user groups, e.g. disabilities. While the bridge would be a great help to pedestrians and cyclists, it would make an enormous difference to people using wheelchairs or have limited vision. The steep approach and difficult crossing from Ladies Mile excludes a lot of people from accessing the Downs and act as physical and mental barriers.

The application is not a commercial one, but is representing user-groups. We are planning to organise a series of information events and resubmit the planning application early 2016. Support from user groups and individuals would make a great difference for the success of the application.

In terms of funding, we will need to raise the full cost of the bridge. We believe this is possible, as the project is a highly unique one and has already received notable recognition in Bristol and further afield. We do not want any money at the moment. Funding is a story to be pursued once planning application is granted…

If you would like to get in touch you can email us on


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